State-of-the-Art Equipment at Yuanmei Beauty Apparatuses Co., Ltd.

Leading the Way with Innovative Technology

At Yuanmei, we understand that the heart of exceptional makeup brush manufacturing lies in the technology behind it. Our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest and most advanced equipment, ensuring that every product we create sets the standard in the beauty industry.

Fully Automatic Assembly Machine

Yuanmei's new fully automatic assembly machine, developed over two years, enhances production to 1800 pieces per hour, featuring CCD visual alignment and a constant temperature system for superior brush quality.

Fully automatic hot stamping machine

Yuanmei's fully automatic double-sided hot stamping machine boosts efficiency, processing 3000 pieces per hour with high precision. Its advanced control system ensures consistent quality, and its versatility caters to diverse material and design needs.

Fully Automatic Dispensing Machines

Using the most advanced CCD visual dispensing technology, it has high precision and prevents manual dispensing from losing glue, over-dispensing or less-dispensing. This device can make the glue more even and avoid brush hair shedding. This is a crucial aspect where we place utmost importance on product quality.

Fully Automatic Heat Transfer Printing Machine

The automatic operation can be achieved to improve production efficiency. The heat transfer machine adopts the heat press technology, which can perfectly transfer the logo pattern onto the surface of makeup brushes, with clear and vibrant transfer effect.

Visual counting machine

Using the most advanced CCD visual point counting technology, it has high accuracy and avoids possible errors in manual counting. Being able to quickly identify and count greatly improves the speed and efficiency of makeup brush counting. Compared with manual counting, it can save a lot of time and labor costs.

Fully automatic packaging machine

This equipment can pack 3,000PCS makeup brushes per hour. Compared with manual packaging, which can only pack 800 to 900 pieces per hour, the production efficiency is greatly improved. At the same time, using equipment for packaging can also reduce manual operation time and labor intensity, reducing the burden on workers.

Manual hot stamping machine

This is our professional equipment for customizing LOGO. You can personalize your brand LOGO, brush name, and other customized marking. It utilizes high-quality hot stamping materials and techniques to ensure clear and precise LOGO or text, with excellent resistance against fading and abrasion.

Fully automated laser marking Machines

We have 6 sets fully automatic laser marking machines that can meet the needs of makeup brush customization. Using CCD vision technology can engrave LOGO accurately and consistently. The engraved LOGO are more refined and shiny, and have high durability and are not easy to damage and fade. The laser marking machine uses light energy to engrave without using chemical solvents or inks. It does not produce waste water, waste gas or waste liquid, and meets environmental protection requirements.

Pneumatic hot stamping machine

The pneumatic hot stamping machine is particularly suitable for customizing LOGO on plastic handles. It allows precise control of the stamping temperature and pressure, ensuring a clear and precise hot stamping effect without the risk of LOGO blur or misalignment. Additionally, it enables fast completion of the hot stamping process, saving time and labor costs while enhancing production efficiency.

Fully automatic diamond setting machine

Yuanmei has developed a unique fully automatic diamond setting machine, enhancing our makeup brushes with creative designs and precision. This machine boosts efficiency, ensures high-precision and accurate diamond placement, and maintains consistent quality in every brush.