Yuanmei's Journey
A Story of Growth

At Yuanmei Beauty Apparatuses Co., Ltd, every step of our growth has been an unwavering pursuit of beauty and quality. Since our establishment in 2008, we have transformed from a startup to a mature enterprise, with each phase witnessing our innovation and expansion. Here is our proud journey.

2008 – The Beginning

Yuanmei Beauty Apparatuses Co., Ltd was founded in Longhua, Shenzhen, marking our entry into the beauty tools industry. Focusing on makeup brushes, we began with innovative designs and high-quality manufacturing.

2010 – Going Global

Our first participation in international beauty expos signified the start of our journey in the global market. Our products gained international acclaim, leading to long-term collaborations with various overseas brands.

2014 – Industrial Park Inauguration

To meet the growing market demand, we established a new industrial park in Changsha, Hunan. This expansion not only increased our production capacity but also marked a new phase in Yuanmei’s development.

2016 – Technological Advancement

The inauguration of our Hunan factory significantly boosted our production capabilities and workforce. The introduction of advanced automation equipment greatly enhanced our efficiency and product quality.

2019 – Continuous Innovation

We established a modern, low-temperature, sterile, closed clean workshop in Shenzhen, further ensuring high product quality. Our continuous release of new makeup tools catered to the diversified market demands.

2020 and Beyond – Steady Growth

We continuously explored international markets, aiming to enhance our brand influence. Through relentless efforts and ongoing innovation, Yuanmei is becoming a prominent name in the global beauty tools industry.

Over a Decade of Glorious History

From a small workshop in Shenzhen to an international beauty tools manufacturer, Yuanmei’s journey is more than just the passage of time; it’s a display of brand strength and innovative spirit. We look forward to every step in the future, continuing to earn global recognition with our excellent products and services.