Our Sales Team

At Yuanmei Beauty Apparatuses Co., Ltd, our dedicated sales team is always ready to connect with you, offering tailored solutions and unparalleled service experiences. Below are the contact details of our sales team members, who are committed to providing you with exceptional support.

Cindy Zhou
Phone/WeChat/WhatsApp:+86 13927403147
Emai:cindy@grace makeup.cn
Branda wu
Phone/WeChat/WhatsApp:+86 13923864795
Emai:branda@grace makeup.cn
Mandy Qin
Phone/WeChat/WhatsApp:+86 13923772371
Emai:mandy@grace makeup.cn
Lily Shi
Phone/WeChat/WhatsApp:+86 18923758070
Emai:lily@gracedo makeup.com
Paria Wei
Phone/WeChat/WhatsApp:+86 18025337609
Emai:paria@gracedo makeup.com
Anny Yin
Phone/WeChat/WhatsApp:+86 19842188440
Emai:anny@grace makeup.cn
Phone/WeChat/WhatsApp:+86 19842188445

Connect With Our Experts

Our sales team, well-versed in your needs, looks forward to establishing a long-lasting and fruitful collaboration with you. No matter how unique your requirements are, our expert team members are always on standby to ensure every one of your needs is met.