Lip Brush

Lip Brush Wholesale at Gracedo

Are you looking for a reliable lip brush supplier and manufacturer? Gracedo will be your trusted partner. We specialize in providing a great variety of lip brushes for you. Our wholesale lip brushes are made of eco-friendly and ultra-soft synthetic bristles to ensure durability and quality. If you quote a large number of orders, we can support and deliver it in a short time. You can also customize your lip brushes for your target market.

ODM & OEM Lip Brush

Whether you’re a cosmetic brand, beauty retailer, or makeup artist, we can offer OEM & ODM lip brush service to meet your specific needs. You can choose various sizes, shapes, colors, and packaging designs to build your brand Logo. Just tell us what your ideas are, including the logo, designs, colors, and packaging bags, then we will manufacture lip brushes and deliver them on time.

Why Choose Gracedo Lip Brushes for Wholesale

1. Lower Budget: As a reliable lip brush manufacturer in China, we offer you competitive wholesale prices. Although our wholesale prices are lower than others, we will not compromise the quality. The good quality lays a strong foundation for our business. So Gracedo always focuses on the quality of lip brushes and conducts quality control from the material selection to the final products.
2. Eco-friendly: Our wholesale lip brush is made of synthetic bristles, animal-free, and friendly to the environment. Additionally, Synthetic bristles can be used for a longer time, further reducing waste. Animal-free lip brushes will be a highlight in the market. It’s a win-win result for both your customers and the planet!
3. Quick Delivery: Based on our automatic production line, we can speed up the manufacturing process and lower the defect rates, reaching 3000 pieces of lip brushes per day. We are confident to accept your big orders and deliver them on time. If you require a great number of wholesale lip brushes in a short time, Gracedo will be your best partner to help you stand out in the market.

Whether you’re launching a new makeup line, restocking your beauty store, or supplying lip brushes and makeup tools to professional makeup artists, you can find Gracedo to boost your business. Elevate your B2B beauty products with our premium lip brushes today! Contact us for your wholesale lip brush order. Gracedo will get back to you in 24 hours.