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Makeup Sponge Manufacturer in China – Gracedo

As a beauty makeup sponge manufacturer, Gracedo has designed and supplied a wide range of beauty makeup sponges for over 15 years, such as makeup egg sponges and powder puffs. Our makeup sponge has different sizes, colors, patterns, and packages for you to select. We also support makeup sponge custom service to help you stand out in the target market. If you are looking for beauty makeup sponge bulk wholesale, Gracedo will be your trusted makeup sponge manufacturer.

Makeup Sponge for Wholesale

Materials: Gracedo has been a professional beauty makeup sponge manufacturer for 15 years. We select premium materials to manufacture beauty sponges. If you are interested in makeup sponge wholesale, a wide of materials are available to define the best beauty tool, such as cotton, velvet, and sponge.
Safe Packaging: We have established standard production lines to manufacture makeup egg sponges and powder puffs. Our staff works in a dust-free purification workshop to package your beauty makeup sponge bulk, avoiding any risk of dirt and bacteria growing.
Design Team: We have a design team to make your wholesale products stand out. We fully utilize our innovative designs such as decoration, pattern, and color to manufacture unique beauty makeup sponges in the market.
Custom Service: We are an experienced custom makeup sponge manufacturer to help you build the brand. You can choose the shape, size, color, and decoration of your beauty makeup sponges.
Good Quality: We are a reliable makeup sponge supplier. From material to finished product before shipping, our makeup egg sponges wholesale are inspected under strict quality control. We can ensure our beauty makeup sponges are durable and high quality to use, and it will be a chance to attract repeat customers.

Custom Makeup Sponges Service:

With decades of experience, Gracedo serves as a custom makeup sponge manufacturer to design and supply unique makeup sponges. Our powerful manufacturing, quality control, innovative design, and professional team truly set us apart from other beauty tool manufacturers. We offer 100% high-quality sponges in different sizes, textures, shapes, and colors to suit your specific needs.
In addition, we have design teams to help you customize your beauty makeup sponge to show your personality. At first, our project manager will communicate with our design teams about your specific needs. Then, our design teams will provide a design custom solutions based on your requirements. Finally, if you are satisfied with this custom makeup sponge solution, we will offer overall brand visual design services from product to packaging, ensuring brand consistency and market appeal.