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A makeup tool for applying lipstick. It allows for a clear lip line outline and an even lipstick color.

  A makeup brush is a necessary tool for a beautiful makeup look. Whether it is a light makeup or a bright makeup, brushes are indispensable. If you use them properly, you can make your makeup more lasting and natural. There are many kinds of makeup brushes, and the lip brush is a makeup tool for applying lipstick. It can make the lip line outline clear and the lipstick color even. Choose a lip brush with stiff and fine bristles to help outline the lip line and apply color.

  Even from an economic point of view, it is necessary to have several lip brushes. Lip brushes can easily use up all the lipstick left in the tube without wasting anything; if you don't have a lip liner, you can also use it to trace the lip line; if you have several lipsticks, you can use the lip brush to blend out a new color to make your lip color unique. More importantly, using a lip brush to apply lipstick is more dexterous, and the color will be applied more evenly and carefully.

  Advantages and disadvantages of lip brushes

  The advantage of a lip brush is that it can accurately outline the outer contours of your lips and can handle details that are not so easy to handle such as the corners of your mouth. If you use a lip brush with lipstick, you can see the different effects of different thicknesses of the brush by overlapping the color with the same color as the cream. Because the lip brush has this feature so generally have a demand for lip effect makeup such as biting lip makeup, are required with the lip brush to complete.

  The disadvantage is: if you want to achieve the effect of lipstick natural color at once you have to brush several times, in this case you can apply lipstick directly after the lip brush outlines the details of the contour.

  Lip brush uses

  1. Lip brush can help you to repair the defective condition of your lips to the maximum extent and fill in the lip lines.

  2. Make your lip color fuller, not floating color, so that your lip makeup is more flattering.

  3. To restore the original color of lipstick to the maximum extent.

  Types of lip brushes

  According to the function of the lip brush to divide:

  1. Oblique lip brush: more applicable to the lip line outline.

  2. Fine round lip brush: suitable for outlining the inner lip corner lines.

  According to the material of the lip brush to divide:

  1. Sable hair lip brush: good polymerization, elasticity and durability, with delicate and elastic hair peaks, used for applying lipstick with high accuracy and flat lines, can depict delicate lip shapes, commonly used for teaching and professional makeup.

  2, nylon lip brush: made of senior synthetic fiber, small gap between bristles, high polymerization, flat and long bristles, easier to grasp the strength, higher accuracy when applying lipstick, flat lines, can depict more delicate lip shape. The disadvantage is that the tips of the bristles will appear curled after a longer period of use. Can be used for teaching and professional makeup.

  3, horse hair lip brush: made of natural horse hair, soft and delicate, good polymerization power, but less elastic.

  4, silicone lip brush: is made of food-grade silicone material, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and tasteless, reusable, easy to clean, compared to the brush, silicone lip brush will be slightly hard, but the lip line effect is good, is the current market emerging new material lip brush. Its shape varies, there are heart-shaped, round, pointed and other shapes, according to personal preferences to choose.

  How to use the lip brush

  When applying lipstick, make sure to start from the lower lip. Apply evenly inside the drawn lip line, little by little from the inside out. After the lower lip is applied, then apply the upper lip in the same way.

  When applying lip gloss with a lip brush, don't be too strong and don't let the bristles bend too much to avoid shedding and breaking.

  TIPS: When using different colors of lipstick, wipe the lip brush carefully with a tissue dipped in lip cleaning cream, and finally wipe it again with a tissue dipped in water.

  Lip brush maintenance method

  Every time you use a lip brush, use a tissue to wipe off the residual lipstick or other substances from the lip brush thoroughly, and wash the brush at least once a week to prevent dirt and bacteria from harboring.

  STEP1: Pour makeup remover or brush cleaning solution in the powder cover, about a thin layer to completely cover the amount of bristles dipped in the adsorption, slightly dissolve the attached makeup products.

  STEP2: Pour the natural shampoo into the basin and mix it with foam, then mix the bristles fully in the bubble water.

  STEP3: Hold the bristles in the palm of your hand and repeatedly grasp and release the bristles so that the residual dirt and makeup are completely cleaned out.

  STEP4: Clean the end of the brush, the part most often in contact with makeup, carefully again.

  STEP5: Finally, wash the brush with plenty of water and use a clean water basin to completely clean the residual detergent from the bristles.

  STEP6: If the brush becomes too astringent due to the use of detergent, use a small amount of conditioner to slightly smooth out the end of the brush, and also clean it with plenty of water.

  STEP7: Take a few paper towels or a towel with good absorbency, cover the bristles and press them several times, so that the moisture is absorbed as much as possible, and then put them in a ventilated place to dry.

  TIPS:Maintenance method on weekdays

  Brush tool: Most of the brush tools that need to account for color, usually after each use, just use tissue to brush the brush back and forth on it, brush until the color no longer appears.

  Lip brush precautions

  Makeup partner: lipstick, lip gloss. Use the lip brush to apply the lips with an even color, and the lip shape is better grasped.

  Tips for use: when applying lip gloss with a lip brush, do not be too strong and do not let the bristles bend too much to avoid shedding and breaking.

  Cleaning tips: use a tissue to clean the lip brush, but because the lip brush hairs are easy to fall off, so pay attention to the cleaning time to be gentle.

  Maintenance method: maintenance of good brush hair is the key, so each time after use to use paper towels to wipe the top lipstick clean, straighten out the brush hair, and then cover the cap.

  TIPS: When using different colors of lipstick, dip a tissue in lip cleaning cream to wipe the lip brush carefully, and then wipe it again with a tissue dipped in water.

  Lip Brush FAQ

  What is the difference between the effect of applying lipstick directly and using a lip brush?

  Lipstick applied with a lip brush should look more even and the color should look more natural, while lipstick applied directly may cause it to be applied thicker and look unnatural

  Can a lip brush be used as an eyebrow brush?

  Eyebrow brushes and lip brushes have different shapes of hairs, while eyebrow brushes are generally square and lip brushes are round and pointed. Of course, if you have good makeup skills, you can use it.

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