Highlights Of Unique Techniques

At Yuanmei Beauty Apparatuses Co., Ltd, we continually innovate and refine our manufacturing techniques to ensure our makeup brushes and beauty tools excel in function and stand out in appearance and feel.

Heat Transfer Printing on Ferrules and Handles

We use heat transfer printing to apply exquisite patterns on ferrules and handles, adding personality and beauty to the products.

Glow-in-the-Dark Handles

Handles made from special luminescent materials that glow in the dark, increasing the product’s fun and recognizability.

Diamond Setting Technique

Our diamond setting technique precisely embeds crystals or diamonds in the brush handles, enhancing the luxury of the product.

Urushi Lacquering Technique

Utilizing traditional Urushi lacquering techniques to apply multiple layers of lacquer on handles, creating a deep and glossy aesthetic.

Color Gradient Technique

Innovative color gradient technology that gives the bristles and handles a unique color transition effect, fashionable and visually striking.

Liquid Handle Technique

This technique involves handles filled with a special liquid, which can include glitter, small beads, or colored fluids, creating a dynamic aesthetic and a unique visual experience.

Handle Pendant Technique

Adding pendant elements to the brush handles, such as small ornaments or custom logos, making the products more personalized and decorative.

Choosing Yuanmei is not just choosing a tool, it’s choosing a piece of art. Our unique techniques make each product a highlight of your brand.