Innovation at Yuanmei

At Yuanmei, we are committed to bringing you eco-friendly, efficient, and sensitive-skin-friendly makeup brushes through innovative materials and advanced technology.

Corn Silk Bristles

Made from eco-friendly, biodegradable fibers from corn or cassava, offering soft, comfortable bristles ideal for sensitive skin.

Antibacterial Brush Hair

Utilizing nanocarbon technology to effectively inhibit bacterial growth, certified by SGS.

Protein Brush Hair

Collagen material provides soft, comfortable bristles, suitable for sensitive skin and certified by SGS.

Quick-Drying Brush Hair

Easy to dry quickly after washing, clean and eco-friendly.

Crystal Silk Brush Hair

Bright bristles, evenly grabbing powder, with a delicate and soft texture.

Craftsmanship Innovation - Glow in the Dark Handle

Offering personalized glow-in-the-dark handle designs with pattern customization services.

Process Innovation - Tube Heat Transfer Printing

Offering a rich selection of patterns with durable and wear-resistant heat transfer printing technology.

Process Innovation - Scented Bristles

Offering various scents such as osmanthus, jasmine, popular among female consumers.

Process Innovation - Wheat Straw Eco-Friendly Handle

Handles made from wheat straw, environmentally friendly and innovative.

Let's create beauty
together while caring
for our planet

Join us on a journey of innovation at Yuanmei, where every innovation is a commitment to beauty and responsibility. We continuously push the boundaries, exploring cutting-edge materials and techniques to bring you an efficient and eco-friendly makeup experience. Yuanmei makeup brushes are more than just tools; they are a manifestation of our commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainable development.