Yuanmei Cooperation Process
Creating Beauty Together

Step 1 : Initial Communication

  • Understanding Needs and Objectives: Communicate your specific requirements and business goals with our professional team.
  • Explore Product Options: Learn about our range of products, including innovative makeup brush designs and materials.

Step 2 : Customization and Sample Confirmation

  • Develop Personalized Plans: Based on your needs, we provide tailored product solutions.
  • Sample Production and Evaluation: Produce samples for your assessment and testing after confirming the plan.

Step 3 : Contract Signing and Production Planning

  • Signing Cooperation Agreement: Sign a formal contract after reaching a consensus on cooperation details

Step 4 : Production and Quality Control

  • Production Commencement: Begin production according to the specifications and timetable agreed upon in the contract.
  • Rigorous Quality Monitoring: Implement multiple quality checks throughout the production process to ensure each item meets high standards.

Step 5 : Logistics and Delivery

  • Secure Packaging: Ensure all products are securely packaged for long-distance transportation.

  • Timely Shipping: Guarantee on-time delivery of products as per contract agreement, for both domestic and international orders.

Step 6 : After-Sales Service and Support

  • Ongoing Customer Support: Offer continuous customer service and support to ensure your satisfaction.

  • Long-Term Cooperation: Committed to establishing long-term relationships, continually optimizing products and services based on feedback.

Yuanme Your Trusted Partner
in Beauty Tools

Our cooperation process is designed to ensure that every step meets the highest standards. From initial communication to product delivery, every aspect demonstrates our commitment to quality and customer service.