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Our Partnership Stories

Check out how we team up with top brands for amazing achievements. These stories are all about our joint efforts and growth. Whether it’s crafting tools just for a brand or helping them expand their reach, every case is filled with great moments of collaboration.

Collaboration with Brand A: Launching a Revolutionary Makeup Brush Line

Overview: This case illustrates the joint development of an innovative makeup brush line with Brand A. Merging their market insights with Yuanmei’s manufacturing strengths, a trend-aligned product range was created.

Outcome: The new series achieved a 40% sales increase within three months post-launch and received over 100,000 social media mentions, with customer satisfaction surveys showing 95% approval.

Customized unique makeup brush design for B brand

Overview: This case details the customization of makeup brushes for Brand B, demonstrating our customization capabilities and focus on details.

Results: Six months after the customized makeup brushes were launched, Brand B’s market awareness increased by 30%, and sales of related product lines increased by 20%.

Partnership with Brand C: Boosting Brand Recognition and Market Share

Overview: Discussing the partnership with Brand C, we provided premium makeup brushes to enrich their product offering, reinforcing their position in the luxury market.

Outcome: The collaboration resulted in a 25% increase in brand recognition and a 35% rise in overall sales within a year, notably gaining significant market share among upscale consumers.

Customer Testimonials

Hear what our clients have to say. This section gathers genuine reviews and endorsements from various brands, sharing their experiences and outcomes from collaborating with us.

Brand A √ I recommend this supplier

"Ever since collaborating with Yuanmei, our product line has significantly improved. They not only provide high-quality makeup brushes but also offer professional market insights, helping us stand out in a competitive market."

Brand B √ I recommend this supplier

"The team at Yuanmei demonstrates deep understanding of the beauty tools industry. Their customized service not only met our unique needs but also exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend Yuanmei as your partner."

Brand C √ I recommend this supplier

"We are impressed with Yuanmei's innovation. Their design team understands our brand ethos and translates it into practical products that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Their professionalism and results-oriented approach have won us the market."

Brand D √ I recommend this supplier

"Yuanmei's custom makeup brushes have helped us achieve a unique brand positioning. Their responsiveness and attention to detail ensure the success of each project. We are very satisfied with the results and look forward to further collaboration."

Brand E √ I recommend this supplier

"Collaborating with Yuanmei has been a highlight in our brand's journey. They not only provide high-quality products but also ensure timely delivery. We are very satisfied with their commitment to quality and customer service."

Journey to Success Together

A heartfelt thank you to each partner who has journeyed with us. Yuanmei looks forward to forging more success stories together with you!