The 135th Spring Canton Fair

The 135th Spring Canton Fair

4 days have passed since the opening of the 135th Spring Canton Fair, and we, Changsha Yuanmei Beauty Products Co., Ltd., have welcomed many foreign customers at this international event.


As a platform for international exchanges and cooperation, the Canton Fair provides us with a valuable opportunity to let more industry friends from home and abroad get to know our product strength and innovation capabilities up close.

During these four days of the exhibition, we had in-depth exchanges and communication with many guests.


They spoke highly of some of the brushes produced by our factory with excellent quality and appearance.


We are very happy to see that they had a satisfactory experience at our booth and said that the direct understanding of our suppliers’ products and strengths at the exhibition site made their procurement and business easier.


We found that customers who came to our booth preferred fully customized packaged brushes. They hope that suppliers have the ability to customize in all aspects, and the packaged products displayed at our booth are exactly what they need.


This full-scale customization capability can meet customers’ personalized needs and enhance their brand characteristics, so it is favored by customers.


Customers who came to the exhibition said that the finished products provided by suppliers fully met their expectations. This means that customers can not only freely adjust the number of brushes, change the color and LOGO, but also customize the packaging they want, so as to easily create products that match their brand image.

Some customers praised our recently developed products: “It’s so beautiful, these brushes look novel, I haven’t seen them before.”


Our booth displayed some recently developed brush products, which incorporated innovative elements in both appearance and usage experience.


Customers were very satisfied with these brushes and believed that they represented the supplier’s innovation ability.


A supplier with innovation ability can better meet market demand because the market always needs fresh products. Customers were impressed by our products and they hope to cooperate with us as soon as possible.

During the 4-day exhibition, we gained many new partners.


These customers expressed their desire to establish a new cooperative relationship with us.


They chose us as their supplier for multiple reasons:


First, they saw our new products at the exhibition, were impressed by them, and wanted to customize similar makeup brushes.


Second, customers evaluated the quality by personally feeling the bristles and using the experience. They believed that the bristles were of excellent quality, skin-friendly and comfortable to touch, and the packaging was in line with their brand positioning, so they were willing to try to cooperate with us.


Third, customers learned at the exhibition that we have 15 years of rich experience as a supplier of makeup brushes, and that we have factories in Shenzhen and Changsha that can produce 32,000 products per day, and that our large-volume supply capacity can meet market demand. In addition, customers are impressed by the customizability of our product design, materials, hair types, colors, sizes, and packaging, so they feel relieved and hassle-free to cooperate with us.


Finally, customers recognize that the competitive EXW ex-factory price we can provide as a source factory makes their products more competitive in the market, so they are willing to choose to start a new cooperation with us.

On the last day of the exhibition, which is about to end, we are looking forward to welcoming more partners.


We are eager to discuss the future of the beauty industry with them and open a new chapter together.


The exhibition is not only a stage for product display, but also a platform for industry communication and cooperation.


We hope to meet more like-minded partners, share experiences, explore innovations, and work together to inject new vitality and momentum into the development of the beauty industry.


Whether it is product design, market expansion or brand building, we look forward to working with elites from all walks of life to achieve the goal of mutual benefit and win-win results.


On the last day of the exhibition, let us join hands and move towards a brilliant future for the beauty industry!

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