Discover Premium Solutions with Gracedo: Your Custom Makeup Brush Manufacturer

In the ever-evolving beauty industry, standing out is key to success. Gracedo, a trusted name as a custom makeup brushes manufacturer, has been empowering brands with bespoke solutions for 15 years. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, uniquely designed makeup brushes that cater to your brand’s specific needs. Whether you’re launching a new line or enhancing your current offerings, Gracedo provides unparalleled expertise and support.

Why Choose Gracedo as Your Custom Makeup Brush Company?


At Gracedo, we understand the importance of creating makeup brushes that not only perform exceptionally but also align perfectly with your brand’s aesthetic. As a leading custom makeup brush company, we offer a comprehensive range of customization options that allow your vision to come to life.


Comprehensive Customization Options


Gracedo’s extensive customization services are designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We offer flexibility in the following areas to ensure your makeup brushes are truly unique:


Custom Size, Color, Materials, Shapes: From the length and width of the brush to the materials used, every aspect can be tailored to meet your specifications. Our expertise ensures that the final product is both functional and stylish.

Custom Brush Head, Tube, Handle: The brush head’s type, the tube’s design, and the handle’s feel can be customized to provide the desired application and comfort. This level of detail helps in creating brushes that stand out in the market.

Custom Logo by Deep Laser & Hot Stamped: Your brand’s logo can be applied using advanced techniques such as deep laser and hot stamping, ensuring a lasting and premium finish that speaks to your brand’s quality.

Custom Package Sizes & Package Materials: Packaging is crucial in making a lasting impression. We offer various sizes and materials, ensuring your brushes are presented in the best possible way.

Custom Makeup Brush Style & Pattern: Design elements like style and pattern are essential for creating a unique identity. Our design team works closely with you to incorporate these elements seamlessly.

Custom Extra DIY Stickers for Cosmetic Brush: Adding a touch of personalization, DIY stickers can provide your customers with an interactive and engaging experience.


Gracedo’s Expertise and Experience


With 15 years of experience, Gracedo has collaborated with numerous renowned brands, providing them with solutions that help them shine in a competitive market. Our team of experts is dedicated to offering design advice and a variety of choices, ensuring that each brush set we create is both unique and superior in quality.




Choosing Gracedo as your custom makeup brush manufacturer guarantees a partnership that focuses on quality, creativity, and satisfaction. Our extensive customization options and dedication to excellence ensure that your brand’s vision is brought to life. Whether you’re an established brand or just starting, Gracedo is here to provide the support and expertise needed to succeed in the competitive beauty industry. Let’s create something beautiful together.

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